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Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series


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The master plan

Chapter 7: resources

Welcome to the resources page for chapter 7: Implementing the plan and leveraging winning tactics.

Here you’ll find everything you need to accompany the seventh chapter of Getting Goosebumps.

Download our future of social ebook and learn why being human and authentic online is the most important lesson a marketer can learn.

Content calendar template

Download our content calendar template to start organizing your day-to-day content and start managing your time and research.

As part of this chapter, we discuss some of the best ways to ego-jack influencers using content. Click below to see some of our favourite infographics and listicles.

Kitedesk’s ‘Top 30 Sales Influencers’

Social Media Today’s ‘Top Instagram Influencers’

HSBC’s ‘Top 10 International Business Influencers on Twitter’


Resources for chapter 7: Part 2 




Featured tools



Sniply allows you to shorten URLs and drive traffic to your own site with every link you share. Add a call-to-action banner to every URL link and get rewarded for sharing great content.



Having coined the term ‘Inbound Marketing’, HubSpot has created one of the best tools in the business to enhance your inbound marketing strategy. Helping you to identify and maximise your buyer personas, attract visitors, convert leads and close customers, it pretty much does it all. Invaluable for digital marketers.



Topsy, a certified Twitter partner, is a social search and analytics company. It maintains a catalogue of tweets dating back to Twitter’s launch in 2006. Topsy allows you to analyse keywords and authors by a series of conditions.



Feedly is a tool which makes organising, reading and sharing content easier. You are able to search for specific keywords and start creating a library of information to share across your social media channels.



With SocialBro at your fingertips you can analyse and manage your Twitter audience. There are a whole host of features available that will make your overall job easier. From identifying influencers to finding the best time to tweet, SocialBro can help.

With over 2,000,000 infographics created since its launch in 2012, brings out the best in the data you have. You can create and share infographics, online charts and data visualisations.



This social media management system supports all your social media platforms from Twitter and Facebook to Google+ and Foursquare, helping you keep track and manage your social media channels. Monitoring interactions, Hootsuite enables you to respond instantly.



Bitly is a tool allowing you to easily save and share links across your social channels. The URL shortening service, which was established in 2008, shortens more than one billion links per month.



A useful tool for exploring how easy to read your content is, Hemingwayapp breaks down where you’re going wrong with your content. Insert just a few sentences or an entire essay and let the software analyse any weak points within your writing. Perfect for content marketers searching for crisp, clear copy.



Keep track of all of your daily, weekly and monthly tasks, create collaborative areas and visually tick things off of your to do list. Keeping you on track, no matter what your team size, Trello is a must for any business looking to stay organised.

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