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Right place, right time

Chapter 4: Resources

Welcome to the resources page for chapter 4: Right place, right time.

Here you’ll find everything you need to accompany the fourth chapter of Getting Goosebumps.

This chapter explains how to best leverage your audience and their influencers to extend your reach.

Featured tools


An essential free tool in online research, SocialCrawlytics analyses URLs to establish how popular they have proved across the social space, this tool can also find influencers and work out how your competitors are doing.


A nifty social media tool which allows users to search for keywords in Twitter users’ biographies. Followerwonk is a fast and effective way to find your buyer personas influencers (or just people who have the same interests as you).


A great tool for finding influencers, BuzzSumo allows users to search for and filter influencers by their type. Influencer lists can be exported into an Excel file, which enables results to be filtered even further. The tool can also be used to find the most popular content around certain topics by searching a specific keyword and phrases.


Nuzzel is a useful tool for collating the stories and articles that have been shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter. A social news aggregator, Nuzzel makes it simple to see what’s important, without overwhelming you with data.

Twitter Advanced Search

The advanced search function within Twitter is one of the best and most under-utilised tools within the platform. Allowing you to specifically search for and target individuals based on particular keywords, phrases, locations and language, it makes identifying conversations and influencers within your field simple.

Recommended reading

Implementing Word of Mouth Marketing

Idil M Cakim

Focusing on the traditional concept of word of mouth marketing, this book will help to identify online influencers, create stories that will resonate with your consumers and engage with influencers and customers online.

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Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion

Nathalie Nahai

Online, everyone reacts differently to the websites, social channels and content they come into contact with. This book explores the psychology behind what makes people tick, in order to help you connect with customers, nurture relationships and create an online experience that attracts.

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Inbound Marketing & SEO

Rand Fishkin & Thomas Høgenhaven

This book cherry picks the best and most popular inbound marketing articles from the Moz Blog – the go-to place for SEO and marketing insights - alongside some brand new essays. This book covers five channels of inbound marketing: content marketing, social media, outreach, conversion rate optimisation, and analytics, as well as search engine optimisation.

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Become a Key Person of Influence

Daniel Priestley

Want to become an influencer in your field? This book outlines a specific five-step process to becoming a key person of influence within the inner circle of your industry – fast.

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Start developing your content strategy with our list of resources from the fifth chapter of Getting Goosebumps, "How to Tell a Story".

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