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Getting Goosebumps Podcast

"Hits the spot with superb guest features and a clear marketing theme throughout the series. Amazing insight" - iTunes Review

Great story-telling is at the centre of Ph.Creative’s philosophy. It was also the foundation of our best-selling book Getting Goosebumps. I wanted to take this a step further, delve deeper into the power of storytelling and hear the thoughts of my favourite marketing experts. So far, the podcast has featured guests such as Seth Godin, Robert Mckee, Brian Clark, Michael Hauge and Gary Vaynerchuk.

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#36 Discovering the Unexpected with Melanie Murphy

On this week’s episode of Getting Goosebumps: The Power of Storytelling, we chat to Melanie Murphy, Director of Marketing Communications and Membership at Royal Academy of Dance.

#35 Growing Your Brand Through Story with Donald Miller

For this week’s episode of Getting Goosebumps: The Power of Storytelling, we’re joined by best-selling author and keynote speaker Donald Miller.

#34 Trusting Employees to Tell Your Story with J.T O'Donnell

For this week’s episode of Getting Goosebumps, we were joined by CEO of CAREEREALISM and CareerHMO, J.T O'Donnell. J.T is a recruiter, employer and career branding specialist, helping workers of all ages to achieve greater professional satisfaction.

#33 The Gift Of Storytelling with Robert McKee

For this week’s episode of Getting Goosebumps, Robert McKee was welcomed back on the show with open arms! One of the most sought-after screenwriting lecturers in the world, Robert has taught over 60 Academy Award Winners and is an expert on the ins and outs of crafting a great story.

#32 Crafting a Good Story with Screenwriter Margaret Nagle

Margaret Nagle started out as an actress. However, she was told she didn’t belong in acting; Margaret was a writer. Sure enough, Margaret Nagle went on to become the successful screenwriter behind Warm Springs, breaking a record with 16 Emmy Award nominations.

#31 The Structure of Success with Patricia Fripp

For this week’s episode of Getting Goosebumps, I interview executive speech coach and dynamic Hall of Fame keynote speaker Patricia Fripp. Patricia’s a professional at helping businesses to start telling their story with real conviction. As Patricia puts it: “When your message must be memorable, your presentation powerful, and your sales successful, call Patricia Fripp!”

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