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Meet the speaker...

Stef is a creative powerhouse, brimming over with great ideas, always pushing the limits of what’s possible, and leading our clients into ever more creative waters. With over 20 years experience with the likes of Saatchi and Saatchi, BBH and the BBC, Stef is an award-winning digital native, and regularly sought out for his thoughts on the industry. And he’s also the nicest guy you could ever wish to meet.

Physical escape rooms, digital escape rooms, Reddit conundrums, Instagram Stories, Facebook carousels, explainer animations, films, podcasts - Stef is the source of a constant stream of engaging and thought provoking concepts, assets, and campaigns for our clients. With a firm focus on the power of creativity and the impact it can bring, he likes to challenge the audience and show that creative risks can pay-off.

Stefan Shaw

Stefan Shaw Creative Director