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Global Career Sites: Measuring What Matters


Location: Webinar

Speaker: Jim Taylor


Status: Ended

Sorry, this event has ended...

This event has now finished. But don't worry, you can view all our current events right here!

Career sites are a core component of the candidate recruiting journey, they're not just a bit of technology, it is a crucial part of your talent attraction strategy, and it needs time, energy, and effort to make sure it’s working as hard as it can.

The wonderful team over at Beamery have invited our MD of Ph.Digital, Jim Taylor, to answer your questions around digital recruiting operations, career websites representing the employer brand accurately and, making a splash!

What will this webinar cover?

+    The building blocks of an exceptional global careers site experience

+    How to measure what matters to ensure your digital recruiting experience is bringing in the right         candidates

+    What to look for when rebuilding or improving your careers site

Don't worry if you can't make it, you can register here still and you get a replay emailed through!

Fun fact:

Jim has been a Defender of Happiness for over ten years, working closely with clients such as GVC, DAZN, King, Wehkamp, and Nationwide on the delivery of award-winning careers websites. 

“Your careers website has an increasingly vital role to play in your talent attraction activities. Rather than just an online notice board, it’s a significant factor in how a prospective candidate perceives you as an employer.”

Jim Taylor
- Managing Director of Ph.Digital
Jim Taylor

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