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Case Study

The Details Made All The Difference For Cigna


Client Name: Cigna SEO

How Ph.Creative Helped Cigna Develop a Talent Attraction Strategy

The Brief

Cigna were struggling organically to attract relevant candidates to their website, and weren’t spending a huge amount monthly on job boards, so their careers presence really wasn’t being felt. They were predominantly using Google for Jobs to make their roles in the search engine (which is great, we love this!); however, even this was proving difficult with the amount of competition they were facing for key positions.

There were a number of roles which were proving difficult to fill, and, more to the point, some specific locations in the US where Cigna were finding it challenging to compete organically.

So the brief was… well… help!

The Client

We stepped in and immediately performed a thorough on-page and technical SEO audit of Cigna’s website. Straight away, we discovered a number of issues affecting the website’s visibility and ability to rank well in Google search results pages. A lot of the issues encountered were being created by the CRM platform they were using which was hampering their SEO efforts and slowing down how their pages loaded.

To get technical about it… very few (if any) of their non-brand recruitment keywords were ranking well in Google because of thin content, and conversion data wasn’t set up correctly in Google Analytics to demonstrate ROI. Most of the pages had little or no meta-information, and the on-page SEO needed a complete overhaul to optimize the titles, page headers, and canonical tags across lots of the key pages.

Luckily, that’s our area of expertise!

Cigna Case Study Body Image

The Execution

After our initial content, SEO, and Google Analytics audits, we were armed with a lot more information about why the website wasn’t performing as well as it could be. We set about making the on-page SEO changes, and recommending content across the key pages of the website. Conversion data was set up correctly in Google Analytics, and we worked closely with Cigna to ensure that all the technical SEO factors that were harming the website were tidied up.

Google Tag Manager was looked at and amended where needed to ensure all goals and events across the website were firing correctly - oh, and we also recommended rectifying the schema mark-up in their Google for Jobs listings, to ensure greater visibility in the search engine results across their more challenging recruitment locations.

There was also an issue with re-directs not being implemented correctly (lots of pages from their old site were still marked up as 302 pages or temporary redirects). As these were permanent re-directs, they were confusing the search engines; fixing these was a must.

Page speed (due to the size of some of the assets loading on the page) was also causing the site to rank lower in search engine results, and this was addressed too.

The results

Early results were extremely promising.

  • Organic traffic increased by 109% between months 1 and 2 (15,000 vs. 31,299), which was extremely pleasing to see, and a direct result of all the on-page and technical SEO work being carried out.
  • This had a really positive effect across other website metrics too, with the number of new users visiting the site organically increasing by 98% in 1 month. (13,574 vs. 26,960). Yes. 98%.
  • Organic visitors viewing multiple pages across the website increased significantly within the first 2 months, and one of the most pleasing aspects was that organic conversion rates increased by over 92% within 3 months - with over 3,100 job applications in the first 2 months compared to 1,642 before we started working on the website. The conversion rate improved from 6% to 7.8% during this period too as a direct result of our work.
  • In the locations where recruitment was proving difficult, we saw a whopping 51% increase in the first 3 months, with traffic in these locations increasing from 71,900 to 109,092 - a phenomenal increase in such a short timeframe.

Ultimately, our expert, bespoke reviews, recommendations, and changes made a world of difference for Cigna.

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