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Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series

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We're looking for:

Marketing Manager


Job Title: Marketing Manager

Location: Liverpool, London, San Diego, Remote (work from home)

Salary: Dependent on experience

Employment: Full Time

Department: Marketing

What We Do

Love the Struggle

What do we mean by that?

When you find the challenge you love, you find a home, a purpose, the successes you want for yourself. It’s the challenges and struggles you relish rather than avoid. No great piece of creative communications was ever born without a struggle behind it; be it a film, a book, a piece of marketing or anything else that’s succeeded.

That’s why we’re Defenders of Happiness.

To love the struggle is to find happiness in something you’re passionate about and having what it takes to make it all worthwhile.

Happiness to us isn’t just pleasure, it’s victory in what we do.

And what is that? We’re a full-service employer brand communications agency, and we always sell the truth. We change the way people think about the companies we work with and help them thrive. Our highly effective creativity, tech, recruitment marketing, and experience model is fuelled by our disruptive ‘Give and Get’ approach.

Progress, results, and new creative solutions are relished, rewarded, and celebrated. That’s how to find happiness at Ph.Creative.

“We work with brilliant clients on challenging creative projects.”

Sophia Whelan
- Senior Project Manager

The Role

We need a Marketing Manager to join our Ph team, in a role which is dedicated to creating new business opportunities and ‘promoters’ for Ph. and growing our client community of Defenders of Happiness on a global scale.

As Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for external and internal marketing across all Ph. channels – from our social profiles, to our website, to client communications, to ensuring we know the hot events and awards we must focus on.

Ph. Creative has earned a reputation for its commitment to the very best design and creative work and we are now taking this to the next level. We want to amplify and elevate our thoughts and concepts, as well as our client success stories across the globe, to win new business, new supporters, and to celebrate the success of our clients.

Reporting initially to the CEO, the Marketing Manager will develop and deliver all marketing materials to support our marketing strategy on a global scale. Your work will be at the heart of all go-to-market activity; communicating, informing and connecting our communities, to establish and further relationships. You will be accountable for delivering marketing activities which resonate with our target audiences, are tracked and are responsible for driving positive results.

We need somebody who is an all-rounder, who is comfortable working at pace and has a healthy curiosity and an understanding of the world of Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing and Talent Experience.

Your days could range from identifying the need for targeted Ph marketing activity in specific market sectors or geographies, in response to World or local news; using your glass-ball intellect to predict future trends and going to market first with edgy campaigns; liaising with our Content Writer to ensure research and high value downloadable assets are created; to setting up quirky Ph-style podcast series, thought leadership campaigns, and Defender of Happiness marketing programs, so you can publicise great EB stories across the globe. You’ll make sure our Ph team of Thought Leaders (external clients and internal experts) are an integral part of our Global marketing messaging, whenever appropriate and relevant.
You will be responsible for all marketing activity and campaigns, ensuring they work hard to convey our knowledge, experience and thought leadership, by engaging our global audiences and turning fans into clients.

Working on our full Marketing portfolio, you will utilise your experience to continuously maintain Ph.’s brand presence, both internally and externally. Leaning into our steadfast brand guidelines, we want to see total alignment and resonance between our commercial and employer brands.  

You’ll also need to bring organisation, diplomacy, tact, and pragmatism to the table. Ph is a fast-paced, demanding, creative agency and delivering on a big hairy audacious vision can be a messy task. You’ll have to juggle priorities, get along with everyone, and sometimes you might even drop the ball. But here at Ph. we’re determined achievers, industry disruptors, and we relish a challenge in our quest to deliver the best, so you’ll learn tonnes and have fun doing it with a team of Ph’enomenal stars.

Fuelled by gifted creatives, and surrounded by outstanding account, production, operational and leadership team members, you’ll get to be part of making exceptional work happen, and enjoying the outcome of seeing it deployed all over the World. 

What You'll Need to Bring

  • 3+ years’ post-graduate experience of working as a Marketing professional, with evidence of delivering a successful digital marketing strategy.
  • Knowledge of employer branding and our ‘Give and Get’ approach to ensure we and our clients ‘Always sell the truth’.
  • Curiosity and proven ability to analyse and spot trends, with experience of Google Analytics and other relevant software.
  • A real passion for digital and creative marketing solutions, and spot-on industry knowledge.
  • Business minded - able to deliver commercial impact for the agency and clients.
  • A team player who is constantly learning, regularly teaching and genuinely loving the challenge of work and achieving goals.
  • A natural (honest) story-teller, with the ability to influence at all levels.
  • Able to share insights, opinions and advice internally, about potential clients, that is tailored and relevant to Ph’s business.
  • Project management experience, managing and balancing multiple priorities and workstreams
  • Willing to pick up the phone, ask great questions and show emotional intelligence.
  • Listening to understand, not simply waiting for your turn to speak.
  • appy and able to travel occasionally to support key marketing events.

What Will You Be Doing?

  • Design and manage Ph’s global marketing content/social calendar.
  • Develop our Ph website into a dynamic site which our target audience visits regularly.
  • Set up processes and procedures to get content, support and assistance from company-wide contributors, subject experts and key stakeholders.
  • Source and manage industry award entries.
  • Source and manage speaking opportunities for our subject matter experts to present.
  • Identify and deliver compelling case study stories which amplify our successes.
  • Develop valuable assets and resources for our audience to devour.
  • Report back to the exec team with concise, meaningful management data. Report regularly and consistently on project success, taking a real data-led approach and using results to assist in future decision-making and direction.
  • Maintain great communication with the Ph. internal teams, using HubSpot to clearly pipeline opportunity and new business. Grow the business pipeline through your marketing portfolio, and develop great upsell opportunities.
  • Support our Sales department by providing marketing insights to win new inbound business, and contributing to their pitches where needed.
  • Identify issues before they arise with foresight, taking action to get back on track, knowing when to escalate issues higher or handle them yourself.
  • Be inspiring and authentic and create fantastic relationships with all colleagues and teams.
  • Make sure internal systems and practices are met at all times (e.g. contact or progress reports), completing tasks accurately and on time.

“There’s real satisfaction in seeing projects through from an initial discussion to a finished product. Everyone here works hard to deliver great results.”

Sam Fawson
- Operations Manager

Our Values

Every business talks about values. We talk about them more than most, though, because we spend so much time helping our clients define their true values to attract the talent they need.

So, our values aren’t just words we like the sound of; they’re our principles and our behaviours, they’re the bedrock of our business and the spirit at the heart of all of us that work here. Here’s what you need to succeed at Ph:


How Do We Expect You To Show Intensity?

It’s about truly immersing yourself in your work. You’ll give each and every project your full attention regardless of your heavy workload and tight, unrealistic deadlines. You’ll know inside yourself that something is not as good as it could be, and you’ll be willing to lose sleep over it until you get there. It’s about working smart, working hard, and working generously with the exceptional talent around you to deliver real quality. You’ll embrace the long hours, you’ll push yourself forward for more responsibility and more accountability, and you’ll squeeze dry every opportunity that comes your way.

How Do We Expect You To Show Audacity?

It’s about an audacity of ideas: dreaming up and delivering bold and brave concepts which improve the way we do things; which leave our clients speechless in our creativity; which make the best talent pay attention; and which win awards. You’ll have an audacity of approach in your work, leaving no stone unturned; trying, failing, learning, and improving, striving to find the best solution for the challenges you’ll face every day and not being constrained in your thinking. You’ll be looking for ways to develop our processes, procedures, and people. An audacity of attitude, going that bit further and never, ever, settling for anything less than excellence.

How Do We Expect You To Show Integrity?

A role at Ph is all about making a valuable, professional contribution to our projects. Empathising, respecting, and relishing the diversity of our growing team’s skills, backgrounds, and experience. It’s about channelling the many challenges that each project brings into positive action and learning. You’ll be true to your word, reliable and conscientious, and you’ll build upon the high standards we set for ourselves. It’s about keeping the best interests of our colleagues, our business, and our clients firmly at the heart of all that you do. You’ll push back when you need to so that standards don’t slip, and you’ll always refuse to compromise. You’ll set an example, inspire, and be the person with whom everyone wants to work.

What You'll Get

We devised the ‘give and get’ approach to our work to best illustrate what we expect from our people and what they can expect from Ph.

So, in return for your intensity, audacity, and integrity, we’ll tick all the boxes you would expect in terms of salary, benefits, flexible working, and personal development. But there’s much more on offer.

We listen and execute on great ideas that have been well researched and thought through, no matter where those ideas come from or whoever brings them to us. Which means smart people with the right attitude can go far quickly. And you’ll have the exhilaration and satisfaction of working on multiple projects with incredible brands. It’s fast, frantic, frustrating, and not for the faint-hearted, but your work will honestly go around the world.

You’ll work hard to find the best solutions; shape the support we put around you to help you deliver at your best; explore new technologies, techniques, and tactics; and find pride in all you do. It’s about having the drive to ignore the easy options and to choose instead to do work that makes a difference to everyone it touches. It’s about defining your career.

  • Unlimited holidays
  • Birthday day off
  • Flexible working hours
  • Health insurance cover
  • Peer to peer reward scheme

Are you running for cover or ready to dive in?

We always sell the truth, no more so than in the way that we talk about ourselves. We love the struggle. If you’re up for the challenge, confident you can thrive in our culture and make a difference for our clients, we encourage you to get in touch. And if you don’t think you are, please don’t.