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Internal Talent Acquisition Executive

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Job Title: Internal Talent Acquisition Executive

Location: Liverpool

Salary: Dependent on experience

Employment: Full Time

Department: Marketing

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We’re a game-changing, disruptive, never satisfied,  globally-recognised, award-winning employer branding agency. We’re changing how businesses prioritise the value of who they are as an employer, and we’re committed to helping them discover the true value they can offer to the people who join them.

We have a vision that one day everyone will love their job. We want to help everyone find their perfect job in a perfectly matched team.

If you were to sit with the team at Ph, whether in Liverpool, London, New York, Austin or San Diego, you would see people who care about the work and care about each other. We have confidence in our work and the skill, drive, and grit to get things done. We’re proud of the work we do and of each other.

It’s inspiring to work amongst smart, creative people who each have the autonomy to make a judgement call, to fix something that’s not working or to attempt something that’s not been done before. It’s not for everyone, but for people who love energetic collaboration, bouncing around ideas, operating outside of traditional thinking and challenging conventions, Ph. is a lot of fun.

“We’re working with clients that share our passion for creativity and innovation.”

Stefan Shaw
- Creative Director
Blizzard Entertainment

The Role

The Talent Acquisition Executive will lead our recruitment and selection agenda, taking responsibility for ensuring that we attract and hire the best people.

Ph.Creative is never going to be a massive, corporate, global giant, we being a boutique, however we get closer to our vision every year by working with the world’s biggest, brightest and bravest employers to impact as many people as possible.

Amongst many others, we have client partners such as RBS, BT, Apple, American Airlines, BT, Blizzard Entertainment and Continental.

We believe that if we can help those organizations better articulate who they are and why people should consider working for them, people can make a more informed and educated choice of where they spend their time. They should make those decisions based on culture, benefits, opportunities as well as the harsh realities and challenges they will find too. That’s why our employer branding and approach to EVP is the best in the world. It’s completely different to how the industry traditionally says it should be done. Doing things differently is a common theme at Ph.

We can only achieve our vision if we’re able to show the world’s largest employers why we’re the best damn employer branding agency in the world. We’re making good head way, but not fast enough and that’s where you come in.

We want to find those that share our values and will thrive in our culture regardless of the industry they currently work in. Often our best hires have come from sectors other than our own, such as film, television, and publishing, so we want you to be a creative thinker, with great connections, and unearth the gems we need to keep growing. It’s likely they may not have considered a role in employer brand before, and you’ll be the one to make the vital first impression that makes them want to find out more. Trust us, they won’t regret it. And neither will you.

Here’s what we’d like to see from you

  • Graduate and/or CIPD qualified (Desirable)
  • Significant recruitment & selection experience, delivering a professional recruitment service in a fast-paced and challenging organisation
  • A sound knowledge of the legal framework surrounding recruitment and selection practices
  • Experience of using LinkedIn and other social media to attract the best talent
  • Excellent verbal communication skills to communicate effectively with candidates and external suppliers
  • Strong written communication skills to produce succinct correspondence and reports
  • The gravitas to present and explain ideas and concepts effectively
  • Previous budget management experience
  • A good understanding and keen interest in the digital and creative industry (Desirable)
  • A good network of industry and supplier contracts (Desirable)

And this is just some of what we’ll need you to do

  • Review, develop and implement best practice recruitment and attraction strategies
  • Support recruiting managers through the recruitment process, providing suitable advice and support
  • Work with the recruiting line manager to create job descriptions and job adverts as appropriate
  • Review staffing requests and develop appropriate sourcing and staffing strategies that meet our objectives
  • Pro-actively search the market using tools such as LinkedIn to find the best talent
  • Build and manage relationships with appropriate recruitment agencies/suppliers and negotiate favourable terms of business
  • Build a database of potential candidates for future opportunities for permanent and temporary roles
  • Respond to all job enquires and applications ensuring that all candidates have a good experience
  • Provide regular management reporting to the Board and Management team against agreed recruitment KPIs
  • Perform salary analysis and negotiate salary offers with potential new hires
  • Obtain employer references for all new starters prior to them starting their employment

“The Ph team are a fantastic bunch of people. Whether you work remotely or in one of the offices, you’re one of the family and supported to be your best.”

Neil Dutton
- Senior Copywriter

At this point, you should know we’re not perfect.

For example, the 5 top reasons to stop reading this job advert and opt out immediately (and there’s probably a few more we can tell you when we meet you) are as follows.

  • We work across two continents, (with more to come), and communication can be frustrating
  • We know that the people we need don’t grow on trees but we’ll still expect you to come up with a regular supply.
  • We’re very entrepreneurial which means we change our mind like the wind and it can be frustrating to have the goal posts moved every now and then.
  • We don’t have lots of mature process and procedure in place so there’s a lot of figuring things out on the job required and things are not being done particularly efficiently right now for sure.
  • We don’t have big budgets to throw at challenges all the time, so initiative, unconventional thinking and hard work are the only answer a lot of the time.

The good news though is that In this role as Internal Talent Acquisition Executive, you’ll be spearheading our drive to find the best people on the planet to enhance our creativity, expertise and passion for what we believe in. You bring us good people, they deliver incredible work, and we all bring job happiness to thousands of people. Not a bad deal. That's what being a Defender of Happiness is all about.


 What’s more, you can expect to feel warm and fuzzy about;

  1. Helping people find a job they can truly love, value, and contribute to

  2. Being surrounded by people who care about you and what you’re trying to achieve for us.
  3. Engaging with an external community of peers and professionals who respect and admire our work.

  4. Working with a small supportive team filled with some of the most creative people you’ve ever met, capable of experimenting with new formats, disruptive ideas and unconventional methods.

  5. Being trusted to just get on with your job uninterrupted (until we need something new and urgently obviously).

  6. Making incredible and direct impact on the whole agency .

Benefits & Perks

Not only do you get to become a member of the Ph. family; a dedicated and eclectic bunch who like to work hard, produce results and put creativity at the heart of everything we do but you will also get:

  • 25 days holiday per year (plus Bank Holidays)
  • Extra day off for your Birthday
  • Peer to peer reward scheme
  • Flexible working hours

Want to find somewhere that you love working?

If we get to meet you, we’ll want to learn about your approach to finding the very best talent, and to hear about the success you've had in a similar role.

We want to see someone we can trust to be confident, professional and effective but relaxed enough to remember to smile and remind people why working with us is fun.

Most of all, we want to see that you are articulate, meticulous, and capable of strategic and creative thinking to ensure we get the best people to work here.

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