We're looking for:

Head of Strategic Partnerships


Job Title: Head of Strategic Partnerships

Location: New York, San Diego, Austin, Chicago, Remote (work from home)

Salary: Dependent on experience

Employment: Full Time

Department: Marketing, Strategy

We’re on a mission to change the world into a place where everyone loves their job.

We’re doing it by helping some of the worlds largest organizations better articulate who they are and why people should consider working for them.

This way, people can make a more informed and educated choice of where they spend their time. Our approach to employer branding and approach to EVP is considered by some to be the best in the world, which we’re pretty proud of.

Along our journey, we’ve discovered a number of other incredible companies committed to helping the same type of customers we have to reach the same goals we’re contributing towards. We can’t wait to join forces, add value to our respective companies and of course enhance our customer experience too.

“Working with major brands and getting under the hood to see how they operate is truly fascinating.”

Kimberley Price
- Strategist
Blizzard Entertainment
Magellan Health

The Role

Blessed with a strong reputation for superior creativity, strategy and customer service we are in a fortunate position to be able to offer a highly effective and valuable partnership to those we work with. However, like all worthwhile endeavours, these partnerships are only as good as the effort we’re willing to put into them. That’s where you come in.

Going forward, we see the efforts of our new head of strategic partnerships to be an incredibly important part of the growth of this company and our ability to ‘Defend Happiness’ at a greater scale than tackling the challenge alone.

We’re looking for someone capable of cultivating, nurturing and growing new and existing partnerships from the ground up based on experience, energy and passion for what we are doing.

Some of the abilities and skills important to enjoy this particular challenge;

  • Experience of working as part of a senior management team and leading organizational strategy
  • Experience building revenue partnerships
  • Experience working with revenue partnerships, business development, strategy or related capacity
  • Strong commercial acumen and business judgement
  • Superb communication, both oral and written
  • Ability to manage concurrent and time sensitive projects
  • Ability to listen well, contribute to creative business discussions, influence the thinking of or gain acceptance from senior executive
  • Experience of contract negotiation
  • Outstanding attention to detail, time management and the ability to multitask
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively within a team

How you will spend your time;

  • Developing and implement a partnership strategy to increase the reach and impact of our ongoing partnership efforts
  • Expanding and diversifying new and existing collaborations
  • Developing formalized business plans including commercial terms, go to market strategy and an execution plan
  • Projecting and promoting our business initiatives to new audiences and partners
  • Developing and managing partner agreements
  • Managing, reporting and delivering on revenue targets to a senior board
  • Researching, modelling, evaluating and planning for new growth opportunities
  • Negotiating and bringing deals to completion with key stakeholders
  • Developing and articulating the strategic direction internally and externally
  • Developing clear and concise partnership communications materials

“Every strategy project is unique, with fresh challenges and fresh thinking. It’s exciting to be part of it.”

Julie Randall
- Head of Strategy

We’re creative, effective, brave, and fun, and we want you to be too.

So here’s a couple of questions for you…

  • Are you brave enough to reject work that’s not good enough to put in front of your clients?
  • Are you open to exploring new ways to find the solutions we need to deliver client success?
  • Are you willing to think like an owner and prioritise doing the right thing by your clients?
  • Do you take your work seriously and put yourself into everything you deliver?
  • And, at the same time, do you remember not to take yourself too seriously?

You can tell the answers we're looking for. So you should have a pretty good idea what it takes to fit right in here. But what’s in it for you?

Benefits & Perks

Not only do you get to become a member of the Ph. family; a dedicated and eclectic bunch who like to work hard, produce results and put creativity at the heart of everything we do but you will also get:

  • 22 days holiday plus bank holidays
  • Peer to peer reward scheme
  • Extra day off for birthday
  • Flexible working hours
  • Enjoy our Peroni and Pino Friday afternoons!

Want to find somewhere that you love working?

If we get to meet you we’ll want to learn more about your experience, learn more about how you tackle a challenge, and about your approach to formulating strategic direction.

We want to meet someone we can trust to handle responsibility with professionalism and energy, someone who can learn from those around them and can develop others, too. You'll also be relaxed enough to remember to smile, and remind people why working with us is fun.