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Front-end Developer

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Job Title: Front-end Developer

Location: Liverpool, UK Based Remote (work from home)

Salary: Dependent on experience

Employment: Full Time

Department: Development

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What We Do:

We love the struggle

First of all, what do we mean by ‘Love the Struggle’? Well, we don’t mean the struggle of life in general – life’s tough enough without looking for more of that; thank you very much.    

We think when you find the struggle you love, you find a home, a purpose, and a path to fulfilment. Imagine finding the chance to focus on what you love with conviction, determination, and the space to learn, get better and hone your craft. It’s not easy to master something, but that’s why working towards getting better at something is so intoxicating, right?   

It’s the challenges you relish rather than avoid. No great piece of creative communications was ever born without some sort of struggle behind it.    

That’s why we’re Defenders of Happiness. We recognise that it takes hard work to find satisfaction. To love the struggle is to find happiness in something you’re passionate about and having what it takes to make it all worthwhile.   

Happiness to us isn’t just pleasure, it’s victory. And we play to win.   

We’re a full-service employer brand communications agency. We often change the way people think about the companies we work with; and we help companies flourish by finding great people that add to their culture and thrive in their roles.   

Agency life can be a challenge and it’s not for everyone. The energy and momentum created by a team focused on a shared goal can be difficult to keep up with and overwhelming if you let it. Our shared passion creates relentless high expectations, every contribution counts, so there’s nowhere to hide here.   

The upshot is you often surprise yourself with your own progress and when you ask for help or have an ambitious idea, people will offer support without question. We believe if you love what you do, you’ll move us forward, but that also comes with the expectation to do just that.   

Progress, results, and new creative solutions are relished, rewarded, and celebrated. That’s how to find happiness at Ph. Creative.  

“It’s really satisfying, especially with such a great range of clients.”

Michelle Riches
- Front-end Developer

The Role

To work with a talented and innovative team of Front and Back-end developers, utilizing and developing your front-end skills to help us create beautiful career sites and web applications for our growing portfolio of clients worldwide.


  • Good experience with HTML, CSS, Sass and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of Responsive frameworks ie: Bootstrap
  • Knowledge of NPM, Gulp or Webpack
  • Understanding of Accessibility Standards and Web Performance
  • An understanding of version control with Github
  • Good problem-solving skills and understanding of modern browser support
  • Use of Adobe XD or Photoshop to translate designs into code
  • Good communication and collaboration with project teams
  • Able to manage workloads and keep to deadlines
  • Use of CSS Animation or JS Animation for building immersive experiences
  • Previous CMS Experience eg: Building templates to be integrated into a CMS


  • Creating new websites, following best practices with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Collaborate with the Design team to help define and translate design to code
  • Working with both Back-End Developers and Designers, to bridge the gap between design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides
  • Building career-focused websites using our base package
  • Putting accessibility and performance at the forefront of what we do
  • Adding new features and making improvements to our base package
  • Ongoing retainer work for our existing clients
  • Providing support and problem solving for existing websites
  • Innovation during downtime; learning new technologies and experimenting to deliver the best user experience we can for our clients
  • Skill sharing sessions with the Front-End team to learn and grow

“The culture at Ph is amazing, and the work is challenging and fun.”

Heather Duvall
- Senior Front-end Developer

Our Values

Every business talks about values. We talk about them more than most, though, because we spend so much time helping our clients define their true values to attract the talent they need.

So, our values aren’t just words we like the sound of; they’re our principles and our behaviours, they’re the bedrock of our business and the spirit at the heart of all of us that work here. Here’s what you need to succeed at Ph:


How Do We Expect You To Show Intensity?

It’s about truly immersing yourself in your work.  It’s about working smart, working hard, and working generously with the exceptional talent around you to deliver real quality. 

How Do We Expect You To Show Audacity?

It’s about an audacity of ideas: dreaming up and delivering bold and brave concepts which improve the way we do things; which leave our clients speechless in our creativity; which make the best talent pay attention; and which win awards. You’ll have an audacity of approach in your work, leaving no stone unturned; trying, failing, learning, and improving, striving to find the best solution for the challenges you’ll face every day and not being constrained in your thinking. You’ll be looking for ways to develop our processes, procedures, and people. An audacity of attitude, going that bit further and never, ever, settling for anything less than excellence.

How Do We Expect You To Show Integrity?

A role at Ph is all about making a valuable, professional contribution to our projects. Empathising, respecting, and relishing the diversity of our growing team’s skills, backgrounds, and experience. It’s about channelling the many challenges that each project brings into positive action and learning. You’ll be true to your word, reliable and conscientious, and you’ll build upon the high standards we set for ourselves. It’s about keeping the best interests of our colleagues, our business, and our clients firmly at the heart of all that you do. You’ll push back when you need to so that standards don’t slip, and you’ll always refuse to compromise. You’ll set an example, inspire, and be the person with whom everyone wants to work.

What You'll Get

We devised the ‘give and get’ approach to our work to best illustrate what we expect from our people and what they can expect from Ph.

So, in return for your intensity, audacity, and integrity, we’ll tick all the boxes you would expect in terms of salary, benefits, flexible working, and personal development. But there’s much more on offer.

We listen and execute on great ideas that have been well researched and thought through, no matter where those ideas come from or whoever brings them to us. Which means smart people with the right attitude can go far quickly. And you’ll have the exhilaration and satisfaction of working on multiple projects with incredible brands. It’s fast, frantic, frustrating, and not for the faint-hearted, but your work will honestly go around the world.

You’ll work hard to find the best solutions; shape the support we put around you to help you deliver at your best; explore new technologies, techniques, and tactics; and find pride in all you do. It’s about having the drive to ignore the easy options and to choose instead to do work that makes a difference to everyone it touches. It’s about defining your career.

  • Unlimited holidays
  • Birthday day off
  • Flexible working hours
  • Health insurance cover
  • Peer to peer reward scheme

Are you running for cover or ready to dive in?

We always sell the truth, no more so than in the way that we talk about ourselves. We love the struggle. If you’re up for the challenge, confident you can thrive in our culture and make a difference for our clients, we encourage you to get in touch. And if you don’t think you are, please don’t.

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