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Take a peek at some of our Phamily’s thoughts on why employer brand is so universally vital to modern-day business.

Give & Get Employer Branding redefines the concept of an employee value proposition.


Attract ALL the best talent

Successful recruitment relies on the foundation of a strong and engaging employer brand. Attracting the best means you spend your time in valuable dialogue with great candidates (even if they’re not the right fit) rather than sorting through endless applications. 

Create a culture they'll never want to leave

A strong employer brand proposition doesn’t just benefit candidates coming into your business, it creates a lasting impression on every single member of your workforce. Helping create an unrivalled workforce culture that will send retention rates skyrocketing.

Authenticity built-in

Honesty.  It’s the best policy.  Especially when it comes to your employer brand.  Every mission we undertake begins with seeking the truth. Then we turn your truth into a narrative candidates and employees can’t help but love.

Repel the many & compel the few.


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Employer Branding

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