Understanding The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Understanding The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

To some business people, social media marketing is the next big thing, you need a forward thinking attitude and this opportunity must be taken advantage of whilst it’s still in the spotlight. To those who are not aware; Facebook has 1.5bn active users and Twitter with 315m.

Hubspot released in 2014 that 92% of marketers claimed that social media marketing was important to their business with a massive 80% gaining an increase in traffic. Of the 97% of marketers that are currently using social media, Social Media Examiner found that 85% of these are not sure of what social media tool are best to use.

This shows that there is a HUGE potential for social media marketing to drive traffic and increase sales, but with a lack of understanding you’ll struggle to get results.

By using social media marketing you will increase your brand recognition, airing your voice on these platforms and connecting with your potential customers in a more personal way. If you do it right, you’ll increase brand loyalty and create more opportunities to convert. The higher conversion rate is helped by brands becoming more humanised by interacting on these social media platforms.

This study from HubSpot shows social media marketing has 100% higher lead to close rate than outbound marketing.

Having a higher following on social media also tends to improve trust and credibility of your brand, basically giving social proof that if you have a higher following than your competitor and you’re the best at what you do! This gives you brand authority and an increase in inbound traffic. This is great because social media marketing is much cheaper than you’d expect!

Using social media marketing is even good for your SEO (search engine optimization), writing a daily blog is not enough. Google calculates your social media presence as a significant factor because of the fact; almost all strong brands use social media marketing.

By making your brand more human you’ll give your customer a better experience because every interaction you have on social media is an opportunity to publically show your customer service level, from people having small queries to joking around, for example Tesco Mobile:

Tesco Twitter

Full conversation here

The final benefit I’m going to talk about is how you can improve your customer insight on social media. By using social media it allows your business to generate quantitative and qualitative research so see what works and what doesn’t and you can even find out which social platform works for your business. From personal experience I much prefer to use Twitter to create leads to my website over Facebook because the reach is a lot better and their analytics is really good and insightful. Once you’ve worked out which platform is best for your business, you can then to start analysing how your followers behave by “social listening”. I often ask my fans their thoughts on products and that works quite well for me. The tool I’d suggest using to begin with are Hootsuite and download the extensions “Riffle Twitter Insights”, this allows you to search a term and spot relevant people in posting about your sector for you to target based on Klout score. The second extension you should use to get the maximum reach is called “TagFeeda” which is also on the HootSuite Directory, this extension studies #Hashtag behaviors and what’s currently trending, if you think Newsjacking would be good for your business this is definitely something you should be using. 

So if you currently have a business which isn’t on social media or performing well on social media, you’re missing out and the longer you take to utilise this then the more you have to lose. If you carry out your social media marketing correctly it will create more traffic, more conversions, more customers and more conversations. 

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