Pinterest: Top 100 Digital Marketing Boards

Pinterest: Top 100 Digital Marketing Boards
We all know that Pinterest is the rising star of the social space and growing at a breakneck speed. We also know that the use of Infographics is becoming one of the most important and popular ways to illustrate and share ideas on Social Media, SEO and Inbound Marketing. They are a  match made in heaven! So I have compiled the Top 100 Pinterest Board that you should be following for the best Infographics out there... *puts on my best Top Of The Pops voice*

91. Michael Litman

90. Suzy Tonini

89. Jim Odom

88. Tomorrow People

87. Joseph Ruiz

86. Taa Dixon

85. Brian Carter

84. David Carrillo

83. Alin Vlad

82. Rob Dobson

81. Ed Hadley 

80. Anton Stetner

79. Erica Barry

78. Connie Delavergne

77. Strange PR Inbound Marketing

76. Amy Neumann

75. Ben Boykin

74. Jailani Mahmood

73. media new

72. Guillaume Lemarchand

71. Erwin Meester 

70. Tessie Watson

69. ilidio fragoso

68. Kamal Bennani

67. Caliber Interactive

66. Oleksiy Synelnychenko

65. Tony Ahn

64. Daniel Lantz

63. Scott Hendison

62. Sara Mazur

61. Danny Denhard 

60. Charles Montgomery

59. Berrie Pelser

58. Mhairi Petrovic

57. Kevin Ekmark

56. Jennifer Leavens

55. Daryll Dial

54. Out-Smarts Marketing

53. Themelis Cuiper Marketing Expert

52. Jayne Day

51. Ash Nallawalla

50. Shannon Steffen

49. Sherrie Rose (Likes UP)

48. Philip Hoevels

47. Keith Gutierrez

46. Casey Lightbody

45. Robbert van den Heuvel

44. Fabrizio Faraco

43. Jeff Mason

42. Marvin Smith

41. Yogesh Chawara

40. Keith Campbell

39. Firebrand Talent

38. Volker Jaeckel

37. WhiteKube

36. Kevin Spidel

35.  Tom Valentine-Johnson (Ph. Creative)

34. Tom Ball

33. Emre Güney

32. Yuping Huo

31. Justin Young

30. Guido Fusco

29. Didrich Haugskott-Westgård

28. Elizabeth Hannan

27.  Tony Wood

26.   Heather Garcia-Meza 

25. Open Board - Social Media Infographics

Another brilliant open board specifically for Social Media Infographics. 

24. Fatih Taşkıran

A brilliant Infographic board for everything related to Digital Marketing, with nearly 100 pins. 


23.  FullsourceWP

A fantastic all-round resource from the Far East, FullSourceWP's Infographic board covers everything digital.


22. Neal Schaffer

Social Media Agency Executive from the beautifaul Orange County USA, Neal has two books on 'Maximising LinkedIn' behind him, and his boards contain some brilliant Infographics.


21. The Next Web

A great collection of 'geeky' and tech related Infographics, with particularly good stuff on Inbound Marketing and Social Media.


20. Emma Woolley

So we hit the Top 20, and leading us to the finish line is Birmingham based Emma Woolley, Art Director at Indigo River Creative. Her board is self explanatory 'Really cool Infographics' a bit like her glasses! We're fans! 


19. Blogging Bistro

Blogging Bistro owner Laura Christian has a raft of boards with digital related Infographics, all wonderfully categorized making it a Pinterest that is a joy to follow. 


18. Marci Rosenblum

Mainly revolving around SEO, but with a good chunk of Social Media thrown in, Marci's boards are a great resource.


17.  Open Board - Social Media and Internet Infographics

A great open board for Social Media and general digital related Infographics. 

16. Jordan Dossett

Washing DC based Jordan is one of the most prolific 'Pinners' I've ever come across, whose Infographics board has over eight hundred pins. If that isn't worth a look, I don't know what is!


15.  Stefan Wolk

Almost as many followers as pins on this board, with over five hundred, Hamburg based Stefan works across Social Commerce and is well worth a follow, both on Pinterest and Twitter.


14. Andrew Smith 

Director at Escherman, Andrew is a CIPR and PRCA trainer with a strong following of his Infographics board, and for good reason! 


13. Your Social Media Company

American 'Your Social Media Company' do exactly what they say on the tin! And their brilliant Infographic boards reflect that. 


12.  Andy Merchant

Head of Social at Bournmouth based Populate Social Andy is a prolific 'Pinner' and his Infographic boards are a real goldmine. 


11.   Sebastien Yanni

South American and Parisian Sebastien is a Social Media, SEO, PPC and Conversion Architect; Digital Marketing & Strategy Enthusiast and Trainer & Entrepreneur. His Pinterest is an absolute wealth of Infographics, a real 'must follow.' 


10. Stewart Dawes

So we reach the Top 10... and the prestigious spot is occupied by Aussie, Stewart Dawes, who in his own words 'takes SEO more seriously than coffee' and that is clearly very serious indeed! Also expect great Infographics on Social Media. 


9.  Dave Hazlehurst (Ph.Creative)

One of our own, 'Google' Dave is a bit of an Infographic addict and his board reflects that. Influential in the creation of the 'When Facebook becomes a country' Infographic alongside #4 in this list Ph MD Bryan Adams. Expect more original and groundbreaking Infographics from Dave and Bryan this year. 


8. Unbounce

DIY landing page experts from Canada, Unbounce have a brilliant Infographic board, with fantastic insight into landing page best practice and Inbound Marketing. 


7.  Andreas Werner 

Another German entry! Working in E-Commerce, Social Media Analysis and Online Marketing, Andreas is massive on Pinterest and has looked extensively at Pinterest Analytics and its development. A brilliant and wide range of Infographics on his board, he is a very worthy second place! 


6. Rand Fishkin 

Another big name in Digital across the world, Rand was always going to be in the Top 10. Another absolutely essential board to follow.


5. EConsultancy

With offices in London, New York and Dubai, EConsultancy's presence in Digital speaks for itself. Their Infographic board has a large following for good reason! 


4. Bryan Adams (Ph.Creative)

Ahhh... our very own MD Bryan Adams! We may be biased, but Bryan's board is one of the leaders in Infographics, especially after the now famous 'When Facebook becomes a country' Infographic from February this year. Hugely creative, forward thinking and insightful, Bryan's Infographics are essential viewing. 


3. Daniel Backhaus 

Based in Germany, Daniel's infographic board has over four hundred pins on everything from Social Media, to analytics and general business insight. An absolute must see.

2.  The Catalyst Partnership *New Entry*

We had to make an exception and include this new entry after missing it first time round. Jorgen Poulsen's board 'The Catalyst Partnership' is one of the best around with over 1,500 pins across a variety of boards. 

1. Brian Solis

And coming in at Number One of the Pinterest Top 100 Digital Marketing Boards... One of the biggest names in Digital Brian Solis. Founder of FutureWorks in 1999 specialising in new media marketing, he is a real heavyweight in the Pinterest world. His most famous Infographics are The Conversation Prism, which depicts the different types of Social Media categories and the companies which represent them and The Brandsphere, created in 2011 depicting how brands propagate through digital media, which he refers to as the "transmedia" landscape.


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