Medium rolls out Twitter text shots

Medium rolls out Twitter text shots

Medium, the up and coming storytelling platform focused exclusively on collaborative writing, just announced a great new tool within their platform.

The platform has been gaining traction within the world of blogging for some time.  Its simple interface, lack of plug-ins, widgets and un-restricted characters have made it the perfect place for those who want to tell stories and publish their own writing, to do exactly that.

Medium’s collaborative feature also means it’s a great place to get feedback on your work or ideas, making it a unique space in which to grow your talents.

The new Twitter text shots feature means that it’s now even easier to share great content (curated or created) from Medium, onto your other social channels.

How does this revolutionise Medium and Twitter collaboratively?

Twitter’s 140 character limit can be pretty restricting at times, so most people get round this by sharing a screenshot of the text they’d like to share (rather than condense it down).

In the words of Medium themselves: “Up until now you had to highlight the text you wanted, take a screenshot, go find the screenshot, and finally attach it to the tweet. Whew!

…Now there’s no need for all that rigmarole. Just highlight any sentence on Medium and click the tweet button. We’ll build you a pretty screenshot and pop open a tweet box in which you can insert your witty observation.”

Medium making this tool more accessible could impact the ways in which we form communications on Twitter. As other platforms and websites build this tool into their platforms and sharing more content becomes easier, the dynamic, ‘SMS-style’ of Twitter could change. Twitter may have to consider putting a policy in place to reduce this, if they want to stay in line with their current ethos, which only allows short messaging. Or, they may have to adapt the service and embrace the ways in which users are clearly looking to use their platform.

Whatever the outcome, this new feature may encourage more users to get involved with Medium and ultimately, through sharing, raise awareness of Medium as a platform.

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