Ad-words and Recurring Pictures: Using PPC and Remarketing to get your brand noticed

Ad-words and Recurring Pictures: Using PPC and Remarketing to get your brand noticed

You are probably familiar with Google Ad-Words and 'Pay Per Click' advertising, but have you come across the concept of 're-marketing' and how it can be used across the Google display network?

What is PPC re-marketing?

We are all familiar with seeing adverts as we browse the web, whether it is the paid for Google Ads on the right hand side and at the top of our searches, banner adverts on the sites we visit or those little display adverts on our Facebook stream. We are also all becoming more accustomed to adverts directed specifically at us.

Consumers aren't stupid, we know the likes of Google and Facebook want our data so they can advertise to us more effectively, which I don't think is something we should see in a negative light. As long as you are aware that this is how your data is used you shouldn't be afraid of it. I like Peroni a lot, and therefore I 'Like' it on Facebook, so I have no problem seeing adverts for Peroni on my News Feed. In fact I'd rather see adverts for Peroni than a product that means absolutely nothing to me.

As online marketers and businesses utilising online advertising the more targeted you can make it, the better. This is where remarketing comes in.

You might succeed in getting users to your site, but what if they leave again without doing what you want them to do? Enter their data, purchase something… there are numerous reasons why someone's buying process may be broken online, and then they may be lost forever, and just forget all about you.

What if you were able to ensure that your adverts 'followed' these users around the internet as they browsed, knowing that they had been on your site and expressed an interest in your service or product? Well with remarketing within Google AdWords - they can.

How does it work?

In 2010 Google added remarketing capability to AdWords. To get started with the feature you first need to identify the user group that you want to remarket to - this could be users that viewed a certain page on your site. You can do this through the 'Audiences' tab in your AdWords dashboard. You will then be able to generate a code or 'tag' and embed it into the relevant pages on your site.

Watch this great video from Google to find out more…

Why use it?

Remarketing is a very powerful and intelligent way to keep your audience engaged with your brand or message. It gives you the ability to provide your audience with highly relevant ads and present them with your brand at the most opportune moments, often when they are in the buying mindset. It can have a huge effect on your ROI - try it!

A chance to be creative!

In the world of PPC we often think in terms of copy, wording, number of characters and calls to action, but when it comes to remarketing you have the freedom to use visual display ads and even video. So it's time to start thinking creatively. What I love about remarketing is that it gives you the opportunity to return to some of the traditional values and techniques of advertising; at a basic level it is all about creating an attractive, eye catching advert that will draw someone into a click and a conversion.

So when you're looking to create your remarketing ads, why not think about some of the classic adverts over the years, what are your favourites? What makes them brilliant? Why do they work? Then try and apply some of those devices to your own creative ads.

If you want to find out more about PPC strategy and how to use remarketing effectively, I'll be hosting an exclusive workshop at the Inbound Marketing UK* conference in Liverpool on the 20th of March. Book your tickets now!

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