Make Room For Dessert In Your Content Marketing

Make Room For Dessert In Your Content Marketing

If you’re someone who has a mostly balanced, healthy diet… the chances are you treat yourself to a nice dessert every now and then. I’d suggest following a similar strategy with marketing! It’s okay to have a dessert within your content.

“Fun and popularity definitely play a part in the marketing mix”

Demonstrating the personality and character of your brand can actually be a really successful and enjoyable method of gaining attraction and starting conversations with your audience. However, you should still be focusing on value and making sure you’re delivering content that your audience actually wants.

Don’t overindulge!

Don’t overdo it! I’d recommend testing out and playing around with what will resonate with your audience, AFTER you’ve focused on getting to know them. Once you know what makes them laugh and what they’re interested in, you can use that to your advantage for your content.

Has the advertising game changed?

An ad campaign that instantly comes to mind is One Dollar Shave Club’s hilarious advert which created massive results for them.  

This is a company which really burst onto the market and made sure they knew their audience. They produced one video which launched their entire business and impressively, rivalled the leading brands of the market like Gillet. So, their ad is the perfect example of humour winning against more traditional advertising.  It’s also a rare case of people actually choosing to watch an advert for themselves, which speaks volumes!

So, if you get to know the personality of your audience and you know what will resonate, then you can be more flexible with your content in the long-term…but don’t forget, you should always be giving your audience value.

“Set the bar high with the quality of your content. I think if it’s not good enough to share, then it’s not good enough to publish.”


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