3 Creative Marketing Campaigns With A Story

3 Creative Marketing Campaigns With A Story

A passion of mine is story-telling from Hollywood! So I wanted to take a look at some of the most effective (but maybe unconventional!) marketing campaigns that spring to mind. There’s a lot of ways to try and draw attention to your product or brand…but I think we can all agree that help from Liam Neeson …or receiving Christmas presents at the airport are some of the best! So let’s take a look…     

1. A very particular set of skills…


A marketing campaign that I found really impressive was the advert on LinkedIn for Taken 3, which showed Liam Neeson making reference to his famous speech in Taken, promising to record a video for the winner of the competition endorsing their ‘very particular set of skills’. Fox went on to take this a step further with LinkedIn and also created a profile for Neeson’s character Bryan Mills.

So love it or hate it, it was a brilliantly creative way to engage people in an interactive story AND highlight a product. The campaign was actually phenomenally better than the film…which was a load of crap! So if we’re going to remember something, let’s remember the campaign!

2. Inspiration from Prometheus…

Another example of effective story-telling was the promotion for Prometheus, which was a really great use of transmedia story-telling. This involved sending audiences around the web to a number of different platforms, for example websites, videos and adverts. LinkedIn were also on board with this by encouraging audiences to ‘apply’ for job vacancies using an online game.

Check out an awesome blog post on transmedia story-telling on Moz.

3. The season of giving…

The final example I’m going to give you, is the WestJet Christmas campaign which was a hot topic of debate in new podcast series Getting Goosebumps with the one and only Seth Godin, where we debated how ethical the campaign really was.

WestJet customers were asked at one end of their journey what they wanted for Christmas…and then were received it when they landed! WestJet carefully captured their reaction, so from a story-telling point of view it was very, very successful…but I like it for different reasons.  So check out the podcast to hear why.

So there you go, there’s three great examples of storytelling. You’ll probably have noticed that there’s an element of engagement and interaction with each, which is why I think they’re all particularly powerful!


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